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About Precision

With three decades behind us, today we manage to channelize a great deal of experience, innovation and performance with the indispensible products offered at Precision UPVC Electrical Wiring Systems. Pioneers of this business, we have come a long way in gathering the trust and preferences of the customers, worldwide.

Since its inception in 1978, Precision has conformed to changing customer perceptions by adapting and serving the market with products that have been channelizing 'lifestyles' among other things. Customers should feel the 'need' and it is our job to create that 'need' before they even realise it, and thus be ahead of time, always. This insight has driven us to new levels of customer satisfaction and new spaces in the market share. Economies transformed as we expanded domestic and International operations rapidly. Currently, Precision predominantly prevails in the market, thus making it the leader of its own course.

Excellence comes not with achievement, but in this case through consistency. A constant keenness to upgrade and expand our product range and a proactive stance with respect to growing market demand for quality, ergonomics, safety and aesthetics gives us an edge. Precision lives up to its name by delivering ace customer services and also supreme product quality.

This excellence is not just limited to a nationwide distribution network, but also an International distribution network that channelizes our products and services across the globe, delivering Precision to the Middle East, African countries, European markets, and many Asian nations.

Our National and International standards remain unmatched, assured by our ISO 9001: 2008 certifications and our headship in the industry, and unconquered.

ISO 9001: 2008

At Precision our commitment of achieving higher standard of quality is recognised through ISO 9001 : 2008 certification assessed and approved by Moody International for our quality management system

Low Voltage Directive

Precision products that comes within the scope of Low Voltage Directive (LVC) 2006/95/EC, RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC will be CE marked on their product or packaging that they meet the necessary requirements of the directive.


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About Flucon

Flu-con Enterprises, is a prestigious firm which Manufacture an array of Industrial Products. In our large product line we offer Nylon Straight Cable Glands, Flexible Conduit Pipe Gland Suitable, PG Threaded Nylon Flexible Cable Glands, Spiral Cable Glands Metric And PG Threads, Corrugated Pipe Glands, Flexible Cable Glands MM Threaded, Cable Hooks And Spacers, Air Vent Flush Mounted with Snap Fit, Line Taps, Branching Terminal, Neutral Link And Neutral Break, Single Way Earth Bar,Metal Spacer Male / Female, DMC Spacer Cylindrical Male-Male, DMC Spacer Hexagonal Male-Female, Neutral Links, Neutral Link Break and Transformer & Gear Components.

From very humble beginnings of plastic dust protection caps we have moved into the more tough and competitive industrial moulding spree, today we are makings parts primarily for electrical industrial applications and automotive sectors. Some of our globally recognized and approved products are Flu-Con cable ties, cable glands and flexible corrugated hoses.